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I am an experienced Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in private practice in Lexington, Massachusetts, providing mental health services to children, adolescents and adults for over 20 years. My clinical approach is strength based, collaborative and relational, combining narrative, psychodynamic and family systems approaches. I am certified in cognitive behavioral therapy and integrate this approach within my work with clients.  I strongly believe in our ability to grow and to heal, and I work with clients to build on those inherent strengths. 

My Work
I specialize in counseling children and adolescents, believing strongly in both prevention and mental health treatment. I also counsel  adults, addressing both their own individual issues, and those that arise through the responsibilities and challenges of parenting. I am passionate about the power of therapy to change lives for the better, and am honored to be a part of the growth, change and development in the clients I treat.
I counsel people with
  •  anxiety
  •  depression
  •  ADHD
  •  self-harm
  •  eating disorders
  •  relationship issues
  •  other mental health issues.
I have presented on divorce, grieving and loss as well as social and emotional learning. I have extensive experience helping children who struggle with a combination of emotional and learning challenges.  I enjoy the process of helping others grow and realize their strengths and potential. I work closely within each client’s support network, whether they are family members, primary care physicians, school staff or other mental health providers.



Bethany Montgomery, LICSW

Education and Experience


I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology from Oberlin College and my Master's  in Social Work (MSW) from Simmons Graduate School of Social Work.


I completed clinical internships at the Home for Little Wanderers and the Judge Baker Children’s Center in Boston, where I was awarded a Post Master's fellowship in social work, and worked in the Manville School.  I provided both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric therapy at Boston Regional Medical Center.  


I worked as the Director of the Aspire Project at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education. I was a trainer and coach at the Open Circle Program based at Wellesley Center's for Women at Wellesley College. I have

extensive experience in primary prevention, school based consultation and program and curriculum development in social and emotional learning (SEL).  I was awarded a grant from the Neighbor to Neighbor Foundation at the Boston Globe for this work in the Boston Public Schools.


I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers and am licensed in the state of Massachusetts as an LICSW social worker.


I am a certified to supervise graduate students in social work and am currently employed as a Faculty Advisor and Clinical Supervisor at Boston University's Graduate School of Social Work.




"We have seen Bethany with both of our children off and on for many years. She has stood by us through thick and thin. She is professional and highly skilled, while being warm and nurturing. We have appreciated her insight and guidance, as well as her compassion and sense of humor. She is always supportive, never judgmental. We would whole-heartedly recommend Bethany. We feel very lucky to have been in her care. We have all grown as a result of her clinical expertise."



"One of Bethany's many strengths as a psychotherapist is her ability to connect with her clients, which offers them the nonjudgmental support they need to grow, heal, and reach their own goals". 


Dr. Jodi Galin, Ph.D.

"Therapy with Bethany Montgomery has been great help to my teenage daughter and made a tremendous difference with her ability to cope with life's struggles. As a parent, I found it difficult to provide the support my daughter needed. She was miserable and I was unable to reach her on any level. After meeting with Bethany she opened up and now feels very comfortable discussing her troubles and shares freely. My daughter puts her weekly meetings in her top priority slot and is always relieved after seeing Bethany. I cannot recommend her any higher - she has been a god send and it truly has been life saving for my daughter."



"We struggled for many years to find a therapist who could establish a rapport and a trusting relationship with our daughter. In Bethany, we found the ideal person. Throughout the more than six years we have known Bethany, she has been warm, kind, insightful, empathic, and always responsive, first and foremost to our daughter, but also to us as parents. Bethany is her primary source of professional support. We would recommend her highly to anyone looking for support for adolescents, parents, and families. We will be forever grateful for the service she provides".



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